DESCRIPTION: DECOSTONE WATERPROOFING BUTYL TAPE seals construction joints in wet rooms, on balconies, terraces and bridges transitions in wall or floor joints. It is used to create a homogeneous connection between different area waterproofings in crack prone areas, wall and base connections and construction joints.

DECOSTONE WATERPROOFING BUTYL TAPE to use on joints and corners, in wet areas, bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, terraces and balconies, pergolas, porches, under ceramic tile applications and wall or floor joints. On reinforced concrete or corners of roof gutters, roof finishings and joints, to seal water depots. To repair cracks in in plaster and screed, swimming pools, corner interactions and dilatations.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Butyl sealing tape made from high quality thermoplastic elastomere, resistant to ageing. We have 2 versions of butyl tape. The mesh/felt on both sides of the tape is overcoated so that the tape is completely connected to the area waterproofing. Both do the same job, both has the same benefits. It is up to the contractor to use either of them:
CODE:31002= 50mt > P120 = With felt. On the side it has polypropylene non-woven material like felt. Perfect bonding to all kinds of adhesives and liquid sealings.
CODE:31019= 50mt > F120 = With mesh. On the side it has modified polyester knit fabric mesh.
So both can be applied easily.
Highly elastic,
Resistant to water,
Resistant to diluted acids, alkalis and salt solutions,
Resistant to UV,
Resistant to temperature differences.